Roval Aluminium: Total supplier of aluminium building products

Roval Aluminium: Total supplier of aluminium building products

Roval Aluminium, part of the international Reynaers Group, is a market leader in the development, production and supply of aluminium building products for residential and utility projects for both new-build projects and for renovation and reallocation projects. The extensive range includes aluminium roof edges, sills, wall coping systems, balustrade systems, reveals, column cladding, gutter and overhang cladding, privacy screens and cladding for utility channels. Roval Aluminium products are widely used as roof and façade detailing for houses, apartment complexes, offices, schools, shopping centres, health centres and sports facilities. This makes Roval Aluminium a vital link in the building chain.



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Total supplier

In addition to supplying an extensive range of standard products, Roval is a total supplier specialising in custom-made solutions. This total supplier status also means that Roval can be involved throughout the entire construction phase: from design to installation and completion. Another aspect of being a total supplier is that products, accessories included, can be delivered so clients and customers only have to deal with one supplier for the complete project. For example, for our roof edges we can also provide connecting plates and internal and external angles. The customisation aspect is expressed in the option of providing these roof edges with screw holes for extremely fast installation. Another example is that our wall coping systems can be fitted with our aluminium balustrade systems. There is more control over delivery speed and quality because clients and customers deal with a single point of contact. Moreover, this one-stop shopping policy leads to faster construction times.

Total supplier

  • Extensive range of aluminium building products
  • Including accessories and one point of contact
  • High quality
  • Faster delivery and shorter construction times
We specialise in custom-made solutions

Aluminium is also ideally suited for use in custom-made solutions. It is relatively easy to shape, allowing architects maximum freedom of design. Roval is able to produce everything that the architect comes up with in-house thanks to ultramodern CNC-controlled machinery. Not only does Roval Aluminium have the most modern machinery, it also has the best advisors in the aluminium sector. They are experts with a great deal of experience and a love of aluminium. They are in direct contact with customers, clients, architects and contractors. Constant endeavours for quality, both at the starting point and with the end result, are visible throughout the entire building process. This also applies in the spirit of cooperation. The provision of information is also geared to this. All technical specifications, CAD drawings, specification texts and product brochures can be downloaded directly from the website

Advantages of aluminium

  • Low-maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Maximum malleability
  • Long absolute and aesthetic lifespan
  • High-quality alloys (European standard)