Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Roval Aluminium has integrated Corporate Social Responsibility as a key element in its company policy. Roval Aluminium is part of the international Reynaers group. Together, Reynaers and Roval integrate social involvement (People) and attention to a healthier environment (Planet) with economic success (Profit) in an honest and transparent way. The main principle of our CSR policy is the ambition to permanently reduce CO2-emissions every year. Many measures aimed at achieving this are initiated by the Green Team, which works in collaboration with our employees and partners to develop ideas that will lead to concrete action with tangible, measurable results.

Climate-neutral ambition

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility there is no ultimate target. It is a process, an ambition, on which Roval continually focuses together with Reynaers Aluminium under the motto ‘Together for better’. CSR is reflected in all our business processes. We are inspired by the goal of running our business in a climate-neutral way. Roval always strives to deploy as much used aluminium as possible for low-maintenance applications. We maintain a continuous focus on innovative, climate-neutral products.

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