Sustainability and partners


Roval Aluminium works in partnership with Innovatie Centrum Duurzaam Bouwen (Innovation Centre for Sustainable Building). ICDuBo inspires, informs and advises all parties in the construction trade that are involved in sustainable (re)development and management of buildings: from construction clients to suppliers, from health care institutions to educational institutions and from government bodies to consumers. Roval has a presence in the largest sustainability centre in the Netherlands, which is located in the Rotterdam port district, where it has an informative display of sustainable products with a video focusing on sustainability and aluminium.


Roval Aluminium is a member of TotaalDakConcept (Total Roof Concept). TotaalDakConcept is a platform for collaboration and innovation used by top brand suppliers that delivers integrated high-quality flat roof structures for both residential and utility projects. Sustainable flat roof solutions are important in this sector. TotaalDakConcept provides assistance to architects, specification writers and construction clients through a free to access specifications service. Our collaboration with TotaalDakConcept results in better quality and improved sustainability in flat roof construction, along with lower costs, better performance, shorter construction times and the highest standards of quality assurance.

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