Quality is not an end result, it is a starting point

At Roval Aluminium quality is not an empty word; it has meaning and significance. Sales & Marketing Manager Edwin van Kemenade says: “Quality doesn’t only relate to our output, it applies especially to our input too. We invest a lot at the front end, but also in the process. At the front end means having the best professionals and machines, paying attention to what the customer wants, advising not only that things can be done differently but also better, more sustainably and often cheaper. This is a basic attitude that ultimately leads to the best aluminium products and applications. We also invest heavily in process quality.

Where desired and necessary, we are involved in the entire building process for both residential and utility projects. We work together with the architect and client. We provide all the specification information and CAD drawings. If desired, we will arrange or supervise the installation. We also ensure that the after-sales or after-care is optimally organised. The quality you put into it at the front pays off at the back in the form of an optimal product experience and product quality, in durable and often life-cycle-proof aluminium detailing, and in unique custom-made solutions that can only be realised with aluminium. Quality is not an end result, it is the starting point. This is a philosophy that leads to maximum customer satisfaction.”

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