Guarantee and KOMO

Roval Aluminium guarantees the quality of its façade and roof products. Roval supplies products that meet the highest requirements. In order to recognise and guarantee this quality, Roval has KOMO attestation with product certificate (SKG.0855.3060). This quality declaration concerns the technical specifications, mentions performance with regard to relevant aspects that have been assessed such as durability and wear-resistance, and gives instructions for the manufacture and installation of the products. The fact that it is a certificate indicates that quality is checked by an independent third party.

The KOMO certificate is recognised by the government and applies to aluminium products that have been treated by anodizing (Qualanod) or powder coating (Qualicoat), which are an integral part of the quality declaration. An independent body such as SKG (Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw) carries out a control on the basis of periodic inspections with which it is demonstrated that the manufactured products comply with BRL 2701 (National Assessment Directive), in the sense of art. 1.8 of the Buildings Decree.

All transactions are subject to the general terms and conditions filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven under number 1508/93.

KOMO certificate Guarantee conditions Roval Aluminium

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