Sustainability in building practices

Architects and clients increasingly prefer aluminium in their projects. In addition to the aesthetic qualities of aluminium, its low maintenance nature, especially in comparison to other materials such as wood or plastic, is often decisive in its choice. In many cases, custom-made aluminium working details from Roval also provide a sustainable solution. These solutions are often developed in close collaboration with the designer. A number of custom-designed aluminium solutions are now in use which are also aesthetically pleasing. Covers for utility services, which can be found in many projects, are a further example of this. Aluminium covers not only provide protection, but due to the way they are installed they also optimise access, for example when the utility services require maintenance. They also offer excellent resistance to all kinds of weathering. That is necessary, because utility services often run along roof edges or below overhangs. As a total supplier, Roval ensures that customers only have to deal with one supplier and don’t have to look elsewhere for additional processing.

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