Towards a paperless working environment

Towards a paperless working environment

13 March 2021
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Under the motto ‘Together for better’, Roval Aluminium and Reynaers are working hard towards a paperless working environment to further reduce CO2 emissions. This is the most important principle of our CSR policy. . In the past we have successfully taken all kinds of large and small steps towards energy-neutral operations. At the moment a ‘paperless’ working environment is high on our agenda. The printing of work orders and warehouse receipts is giving way to digital alternatives. The hand scanner has also been introduced and is used for order picking. We have also stopped archiving printed orders that have been delivered. This is not only good for the environment; it also saves a considerable amount of time. Finally, all incoming deliveries from one of our processing suppliers are read in digitally. So no more paperwork here either, but a reduction in CO2 emissions and more substantial time-savings.

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