NEW! The Roval-Duplo®: Sustainable Two-Part Aluminum Fascia

NEW! The Roval-Duplo®: Sustainable Two-Part Aluminum Fascia

23 October 2023

With Roval-Duplo®, Roval Aluminium introduces a new, sustainable two-part aluminum fascia system. The Roval-Duplo® consists of a base profile and a finishing profile. The base profile is installed before the roofing is applied. After the roofing is in place, the finishing profile is easily clicked onto the base profile with a simple push motion.

A two-part aluminum fascia system offers the advantage of early installation in the construction phase. Currently, there is one type of finishing profile available, but in the future, various finishing profiles may be offered.

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Sustainable and Circular

The Roval-Duplo® aligns with the goal of sustainable construction. This two-part aluminum fascia system is a prime circular product, quickly demountable for reuse elsewhere. The Roval-Duplo® is made of low-maintenance aluminum and has a lifespan of several decades without any loss of quality. This applies to all other aluminum roofing and facade products by Roval Aluminium® as well.


The Roval-Duplo® is suitable for plastic roofing with a thickness of 1.2 to 2.5 mm and a maximum of two layer thicknesses at the overlaps of the roofing sheets. As a total supplier, Roval provides the base profile with standard mounting holes and an EPDM sealing strip for optimal waterproofing, as well as optional welded inside and outside corners and connecting plates. The 5 x 8 mm mounting holes are located in the 54 mm upstand. The Roval-Duplo® is available in lengths of 2,500 mm. The finishing profile, corner profiles, and connecting plates can be anodized or finished in any desired RAL color. You can find more technical details here.

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