Budel, renovation of 69 homes

Country: Nederland
City: Budel
Project name: Renovatie 69 woningen
Type of building: Renovation
Type of construction: Residential

Coopmans Lutters BV (DEURNE)
De Loods architecten en adviseurs BV (AARLE-RIXTEL)
Housing association:

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Total façade renovation of 69 homes with durable aluminium solutions in the form of sills, reveal profiles, fall-through protection and flashing above doors and window frames.


Renovations have to take the existing situation into account even more than with new builds. The homes are inhabited, the framework is already there, the structures are known. And certainly in the case of residential construction, the client wants things done within a limited budget and as energy-efficiently as possible. On the one hand it limits your design freedom as an architect, but on the other it provides a challenge.

According to Oscar Sunier of De Loods Architecten en Adviseurs, which specialises in renovation as well as new builds, it is certainly no less of a challenge for the architect. He is referring to the renovation of 69 homes in Budel. “It requires a different kind of creativity,” says Sunier, “but one that has led to the residents and client being extremely satisfied with the result.” The homes were really in need of an overhaul. There was much to be gained, not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of sustainability.

Aluminium in the façade

The largely renovated front and rear façades of the 69 homes gave rise to the creation of a totally new façade image. Sunier wanted to do ‘something’ with the horizontal structure of the terraced houses. He opted for horizontal accentuation by means of a continuous, insulated parapet with stone strips and above that window frames that alternate with Eternit siding. The brown or purple-red mixed stone strips, depending on the row of houses, protrude slightly from the façade. They have been fitted with tailor-made aluminium on both the top and the bottom. At the top, custom-made sills have been fitted over the entire width. A striking amount of aluminium detailing is used in the renovated homes. The movable windows on the first floor are equipped with aluminium fall-through protection (on the jamb). The beautiful gutters are made of aluminium. Custom solutions in the form of reveals can be found in the recessed window frames.


A striking choice for a renovation project with a very tight budget? “No”, says the architect. “The maintenance aspect is important, and aluminium is a logical choice. Besides, I have a preference for materials like aluminium. You can use it for fine detailing, it is easy to install and requires less maintenance.” The 69 renovated homes in Budel are characterised by a number of other striking interventions. Residents could choose the colour of the door. They could choose from three different colours that matched the colour of the stone strips. In practice these differ per row of houses. The different door colours create a pleasant dynamic in the façade image. Because the existing brickwork on the ground floor has been rendered in the same colour as the Eternit sidings, peace and cohesion are created. The light colours also give the houses a friendly appearance.

Another striking aspect resulting from the renovation is that the houses have been provided with much better insulation which the residents notice in their wallets. A successful renovation project in all respects: sustainable, beautiful and functional.