The Roval-Duplo® is a two-part aluminum roof edge, consisting of a base profile and a finishing profile. The base profile is installed before the roofing; later, the finishing profile is simply clicked onto the base profile. This allows for an earlier start during the construction phase. The profile comes standard with attachment slots.

Furthermore, the Roval-Duplo® is a quintessential circular product and can be quickly disassembled!


The Roval-Duplo® is particularly suitable for plastic roofing with thicknesses of 1.2 to 2.5 mm and a maximum of two layer thicknesses at the overlaps of the roofing sheets. Other roofing types and thicknesses can be tested experimentally at the project level.


Sealing Strip The base profile comes standard with an EPDM sealing strip. This (invisible after installation) profile is supplied in raw aluminum, with attachment holes of 5 × 8 mm in the net upstand.

Includes Corners and Connection Plates The upstand has a length of 54 mm and comes standard with attachment slots. We also provide connection plates and 90° welded inside and outside corners. The inner and outer corners of the base profile are standard at 250 x 250 mm. The corners of the finishing profile are standard at 500 x 500 mm. The base profile is raw. The finishing profiles, corner profiles, and connection plates can be in raw, anodized, or in any desired RAL color.



Outside corner of base (bottom) profile
  Welded corner piece 90º Standard size 250 x 250 mm.
Internal corner of base (bottom) profile
  Welded corner piece 90º Standard size 250 x 250 mm.
Connection plate

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