Aluminium roof edge profile suitable for new building and renovation. Available in brute, enamelled and anodized versions. In lengths from 2500 mm.

Replacing old roof edges with new aluminium roof edges can be a major undertaking. Not only do the existing roof edges have to be removed, the bituminous or synthetic roof coating often has to be entirely or partly stripped away as well. It’s time-consuming and expensive. With the Roval Multi-Trim®, none of this is needed. The Roval Multi-Trim® can potentially be slid over existing roof edges. This keeps dismantling work to a minimum or, in many cases even makes it unnecessary. As a result, less work has to be carried out on the roof, reducing the risk of falling. The installation is quicker this way, too. The Roval Multi-Trim®, which is suitable for both new builds and renovation projects, is made of aluminium and is therefore low-maintenance. So the Multi-Trim® is durable and functional at the same time.

Item overview

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CAD Specification Profile height Profile width
145550 145550 145550 CAD - 83 mm 65 mm
145560 145560 145560 CAD - 103 mm 65 mm

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This profile can be placed over a roof trim with a frontal view of maximum 83 mm (Roval-Multi-trim® 60) and maximum 103 mm (Roval-Multi-trim® 80) Deliverable in lengths from 2500 mm.

With this new overlay trim, it is not necessary to first remove this completely or partially. The Roval Multi-Trim® is simply slid over the existing roof edge. The existing bitumen or synthetic roof coating can also be left in place.

No demolition work is necessary and installation is done in no time at all!


External angle
  Welded corner piece 90º
Standard size: 400 x 400 mm
Non-standard sizes possible
Internal angle
  Welded corner piece 90º
Standard size: 400 x 400 mm
Non-standard sizes possible
Connecting plate
Anti-climb profile

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