Roval-Solo Round

Roval-Solo Round

Aluminium roof edge with rounded frontal view. The Roval range of roof edges comprises aluminium standard roof edges and architectural roof edges. The latter group includes various aesthetically pleasing and particularly well-designed aluminium roof edges. One of these is the Roval Solokraal®. This single-roof edge, which is suitable for bituminous and synthetic roof covering, is fitted with specially -developed EPDM sealing tape and screw holes.

Item overview

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CAD Specification Profile height Profile width
147755 147755 147755 CAD - 45 mm 15/45 mm
147760 147760 147760 CAD - 60 mm 30/45 mm
147765 147765 147765 CAD - 80 mm 50/45 mm

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Roval’s aluminium roof edges are used in residential and utility projects on both synthetic and bituminous roof coverings. The roof edges can also be fitted with an anti-climb profile.

The Roval Solokraal is a roof trim with special, high-quality properties. This single-roof edge is fitted with a specially developed EPDM sealing tape. The roof trim is fitted directly onto the finished roof covering using stainless steel screws and stainless steel neoprene sealing rings. This means that no additional processing is needed to connect the roof covering to the roof edge, resulting in a smooth and tight result. The Roval Solokraal is available in brute, anodized or enamelled versions. For standard lengths of 2500 mm, one aluminium connecting plate with built-in spacer, one plastic cover coupling and stainless steel crosshead screws with sealing rings are included. The Roval Solokraal can be fastened to bituminous and synthetic roof covering.


External angle
  Welded corner piece 90º
Standard size 500 x 500 mm.
Non-standard sizes possible.
Internal angle
  Welded corner piece 90º
Standard size 500 x 500 mm.
Non-standard sizes possible.
Connecting plate

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