Wall coping systems

Wall coping systems

Aluminium wall coping systems by Roval Aluminium stand out in a number of ways. The unique clip system ensures assembly without screws; they are durable, high-quality and available in virtually all RAL colours. Roval also offers custom solutions for every situation.

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Clip system
Roval Aluminium comes to the rescue of designers working with Roval wall coping systems with an ingenious clip system. The clip system was developed and is manufactured by Roval. The mounting clip ensures that the wall coping is extremely easily assembled and (if necessary) disassembled thanks to the special stainless steel ‘click’ spring. The clip is attached blind and has a number of hidden features, the result of which you can clearly see. The mounting clip keeps the wall coping nice and smooth so the aesthetic properties of the wall coping can be fully appreciated.

The clip system is screwed to the wall and the end is fitted with a stainless steel click spring. The aluminium wall coping is simply pushed on top of it for fastening; no drilling or screwing required. The entire fastening is concealed from view. The pre-assembled EPDM sealing tape prevents water ingress and at the same time provides excellent damping. The combination of mounting clip and wall coping and the prevention of water ingress have the added advantage that the wall coping system gains durability. This makes the system more suitable for reuse and reduces construction costs.

Roval’s wall coping systems and the innovative clip system are used in residential and utility projects. Today’s home buyers place more and more value on the living experience. This means that material properties have to meet ever higher requirements. This is why more and more consumers and architects are choosing Roval wall coping systems.

Roval’s wall coping systems can be supplied:

  • including mounting clips with stainless steel ‘click’ spring, screw holes and EPDM sealing tape
  • including expansion clips with screw holes and EPDM sealing tape
  • including (angle) joint covers
  • including internal and external angles
  • including (welded) bulkheads
  • with welded mitred corners
  • with sound-damping insulation
  • with protective film
  • in brute, enamelled and anodized versions.

The wall coping systems come with a ten-year guarantee.
The quality is also underscored by KOMO attestation with product certificate (no. 10.078). This certificate indicates that quality is checked by an independent party. The KOMO certificate applies to aluminium products that have been treated by anodizing (Qualanod) or powder coating (Qualicoat). Quality is also guaranteed by our own installation teams. Sustainability and the environment also play a role in the quality concept.