- including screw (slotted) holes
- including (welded) bulkheads
- welded mitred corners
- sound-damping insulation
- protective film
- brute, anodized or enamelled versions
- drainage angle of 5º
- maximum length: 6000 mm

Please note! During installation take into account the expansion of aluminium, approx. 1 mm per metre length.

Roval Baroque® sills can be produced from sheet metal in almost any non-standard size. For non-standard sizes, see Sill - Custom made.

Registered design no. 20493



  • Bulkheads various types

Drain pieces for bulkheads type F, G and H 

  • A spring for clamping
  • B drain piece
  • C bulkhead

Coupling plate type 5

  • Internal
  • A coupling head
  • B coupling plate including rubber

Coupling plate type 1

  • External

Gelaste verstekhoeken 

  • For internal and external angles
  • Weld seams not ground off

Anchor type IV 

  • 100 x 30 mm

Anchor type V 

  • Optional dimensions for outside wall insulation 

Rubber seal (Roval 152010)

  • For sealing the back of sills 

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