Fall-through protection

Fall-through protection

The Roval Fall-through protection® is an aluminium crossbar that prevents people from falling out of windows. In accordance with the Buildings Decree, fall-through protection is compulsory in many situations. This is the case with all hinged windows and fixed windows with a parapet lower than 85 cm, whereby the storey floor must be higher than 100 cm in relation to ground level. The Roval Fall-through protection® can be mounted in the jamb (inside frame) or on the jamb (front of frame). For two windows separated by a frame, Roval supplies a middle support. The installation of Roval Fall-through protection® is approved for wooden, stone, aluminium and plastic surfaces. However, specific fixing material is required for each surface.

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Fall-through protection prevents people from falling out of a window. Such a bar is compulsory in many situations, and the bar itself must comply with a standard, the so-called NEN-EN 1991-1-1+C1+C11:2019/NB:2019.

Not every bar is suitable as fall-through protection. In fact there is a very strict test: the sandbag pendulum test. After passing this test the bar complies with NEN-EN 1991-1-1+C1+C11:2019/NB:2019. To avoid being held liable after construction, in the event of an accident it is important to always opt for such a bar.

Installation is approved for: wood, stone, aluminium and plastic. Each application has its own assembly material.

Maximum approved span is 150 cm

Maximum approved span is 150 cm

Maximum approved span is 300 cm (or more if the middle support is fitted every 150 cm)

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