The Roval Aluminium balustrade system in aluminium can be mounted separately or in combination with an aluminium wall coping. The balustrade has a blind fitting in the wall coping. A handrail is available for the finish. Roval supplies handrails in four different shapes: round, oval, square and rectangular. For the bottom finish, there is a choice between a round and a straight model. The balustrades are available in almost all RAL colours or anodized.

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This Roval Balustrade® oval aluminium handrail is available in brute, anodized or enamelled versions in lengths of up to 6000 mm.

Roval Balustrade® is an aluminium edge protection system that can be mounted on or against a parapet. It is also possible to integrate the Roval Balustrade® with an Aluminium Wall Coping. All types of Roval Wall Copings, up to a maximum gradient of 5°, can be used in combination with a blind-fitted Roval Balustrade® edge protection system.

Under an aluminium wall coping, a clips profile (width = 78 mm), fitted with an EPDM rubber seal and flat bar connector is inserted. The Balustrade post can be fitted over this. The system can be delivered in untreated, enamelled or clear anodized versions. The aluminium components can be finished in a variety of colours.

The Roval-Baluster® is certified with NEN-EN 1991-1-1+C1:2011/NB:2011 nl

There are two models to choose from for the bottom finish: straight and round.

type recht    type rond
Roval straight 158512    Roval round 158513


Post and clip

Roval 158520    Roval connection set 158530    Roval post 158514
Roval post EPDM EPDM rubber black or grey 

Connecting pieces:
Angles and lengths are connected blind using the aluminium connecting pieces below.

Roval straight 158531Roval angle 158532

End caps:

Roval 158535Roval 158533Roval 158536

The rectangular end caps are available in aluminium in all RAL colours. The other end caps are available in black or grey EPDM.

Other connection options:
The Roval Balustrade® has a blind connection to the Roval aluminium wall coping systems, but there are other connection options.

Floor connection 158550Wall connection - distance 158540Wall connection 158542

Aluminium Wall Coping Systems:
The Roval Balustrade® can be combined seamlessly with Roval’s wall coping systems.

Type AType BType CType DType E
Type FType GType HType H1 

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