World Environment Day every day

World Environment Day every day

3 June 2021
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June 5th is World Environment Day. Did you know that? No? The United Nations has been organising World Environment Day since 1974. The aim is to make governments, but also you, think about the state of our environment. There is no shame in not knowing that World Environment Day falls on June 5 every year. The PR machine of the United Nations is probably not equipped to drill down to the individual, to people like you and me.

Every day

Although it’s good that there is a World Environment Day, it shouldn’t really be necessary. We should be concerned about the environment every day. This does not always have to be done in a grand and compelling way. Your contribution as an individual, who pays attention to saving energy, turns off the lights on time, perhaps uses sustainable energy sources or drives an electric car, has grass instead of tiles in the garden, is already wonderful.

As a company we are also constantly concerned about the environment. We do this under the motto ‘Together for better’ along with our parent company Reynaers Aluminium. In recent years we have taken all sorts of measures, implemented innovations and worked on raising awareness among our employees, customers and suppliers. The aim is to reduce our collective pressure on the environment. And - we are very proud of this - we have succeeded. We have switched to LED lighting, we drive electric vehicles more often, we have almost completely paperless operations, we separate waste, our colleagues use the same drinking cup for coffee or tea, and we drive in more economical lorries for which we also devise more efficient transport routes.

Get moving

Of course it’s good to think about the environment on June 5th. But if we really want to work on the environment, staying where we are doesn’t get us very far. Get moving! As an individual, as a family, as a company. Make every day World Environment Day!

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