Green roof

Green roof

The green roof has earned a sustainable spot both on private roofs and on the roofs of utility buildings. It is a natural form of roof insulation and drainage. It combines perfectly with the aesthetic and durable Roval Aluminium wall coping systems as the most suitable roof edge finishing. We have also developed special products for the green roof. In addition to Wall Copings, we also supply Gravel Barrier Profiles, Inspection Chambers and L-profiles with reinforcing anchor.

Gravel barrier profile
On a green roof the gravel barrier profile ensures that the gravel strip, usually along the edge of the roof, and the plants remain separated from each other. But it can also be used on a gravel roof, where the profile can keep the gravel in place. The perforations in the gravel barrier profile ensure that excess water is drained away without problems.

Inspection chambers
The green roof usually has one or more roof drains. Aluminium inspection chambers are placed over the roof drain on green roofs. These inspection chambers are easily accessible, which makes it easier to check the functioning of the water drainage layer. The inspection chambers are suitable for both sloping and flat roofs. The aluminium set-up tubes are available in various heights.

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