Aluminium sill with stucco, a great combination

Aluminium sill with stucco, a great combination

3 May 2021
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One of Roval’s product groups is aluminium sills. In addition to countless standard models, we are also able to offer the most diverse of custom-made solutions. From sleek and elegant to tough and robust. This is possible because in addition to far-reaching craftsmanship we also have ultramodern CNC-controlled machinery. Our aluminium sills are frequently found in residential and utility projects for new-build projects and renovation projects.

The sophisticated range consists of various models available with a flat or a round frontal view. The models also vary in drainage angle: 5°, 10° or 15°. Depending on the type of sill, lengths of up to 6000 mm can be supplied.

Total supplier

As a total supplier, we take away all the concerns of our customers. Being a total supplier means that our sills are delivered with machining and parts. So, if required this is including connection plates, screw holes, rubber seals, end pieces, mitred corners, sound-damping insulation and protective film. The sills are available in brute, anodized or enamelled versions. With all the possible combinations, hundreds of different models are available.

In combination with outside wall insulation

One of the unique features of our aluminium sills is that they are excellent for combining with outside wall insulation and stucco/crepe. Installing a sill in combination with outside wall insulation requires extra attention. Systems with outside wall insulation are often finished with fine stucco or spachtelputz. Leak marks must be prevented at all times. Water drainage must be regulated perfectly. This is why Roval developed a special end piece. This end piece ensures a watertight connection of the sill on systems with outside wall insulation. The end piece leads the water away from the finishing layer. In addition to preventing leak marks, this also prevents cracking of the stucco or spachtelputz due to residual moisture.

The end piece also has another function. Aluminium has the property of slightly expanding and contracting under the influence of high and low temperatures. Because the aluminium sills are often ‘wedged’ between the reveals, this can lead to damage if no measures are taken. The aluminium end pieces prevent this. They allow the sill to expand and contract freely. This is because they are installed on the sill with a minimal clearance. Stainless steel ‘click’ springs absorb the thermal expansion of the aluminium sill. Roval’s end pieces have the additional advantage that the use of silicone sealant is not necessary thanks to the clever use of a drain piece. Roval’s aluminium end piece ensures that the finishing coat does not need to be cleaned or repaired at a later stage. Sustainability and cost savings go hand in hand.

Inspirational examples of these models and of our unique custom-made solutions can be found in our reference projects section. Do you have any questions? Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help!


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